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What is a Mocktail? All About Mocktails

You have probably heard the term “mocktail” before. You have likely seen that word a lot on our site specifically. We talk about mocktails a lot! That is because they are a type of amazing, non-alcoholic drink that we can’t get enough of. But what exactly is a mocktail? Let us tell you a little more about mockatails, what goes into making them and why they are a type of drink that you need to try.

What is a Mocktail?

A mocktail is a non-alcoholic mixed drink. Mocktails are designed to look and taste like a fancy cocktail but without all the alcohol. When a drink is categorized as a mocktail, it is usually a replica of a real cocktail but the alcoholic ingredients have been replaced with juice, seltzers, water or simply eliminated.

The same effort and energy goes into making a mocktail as goes into a craft cocktail. The drinks are still made with love, care and effort! The same mixology methods and tools are used to create mocktails as would be used with a regular mixed drink. This is one thing that separates a mocktail from a simple juice.

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Tools Needed To Make Mocktails

To make a mocktail, you need many of the same tools as you may need to make a regular, alcoholic cocktail. Here are a few tools that a mocktail recipe may use:

  • Cocktail shaker
  • Cocktail strainer
  • Muddler
  • Glass rimmer
  • Hand juicer
  • Stirring spoon
  • Jigger

While not all mocktails will require specialized tools, the fancier drinks will! If you want your mocktails to be fancy and special, you may want to have a few of these tools on hand!

How are Mocktails Made?

Each mocktail will be made differently. That is because every mocktail recipe is a little different. The mocktails you make will likely follow the same steps as the classic cocktail recipe. For example, if you choose to make a mojito mocktail, you will need to muddle sugar and fresh mint together in a cocktail shaker. Lime juice and lime slices are then added to the shaker. You may even toss in a few strawberries to make a strawberry mojito mocktail! The mix is shaken with ice, poured into a glass, topped with soda and enjoyed! This is a great example of a mocktail that is just as crafty as a cocktail but without the alcohol.

Some mocktails are much simpler to create.  For example, a virgin pina coloda mocktail would simply require blending all of the ingredients together until smooth and creamy. That’s super easy to do! Making a great mocktail can take time but the effort is well worth it! You will be very happy when you are sipping on that delicious non alcoholic drink!

Why are Mocktails Popular?

There are so many reasons why people love mocktails. To begin, they just taste so great! You can enjoy a mocktail guilt free, any time of day or night. They are perfect for any occasion.

Mocktails are also ideal to serve to anyone. Even kids can enjoy non alcoholic mockails! You can create amazing, pretty mocktails to serve at parties, baby showers and even kids birthdays. Create beautiful Christmas cocktails with no alcohol and make your holiday’s even better! You never have to worry about who is reaching for a glass because all of the ingredients in a mocktail are safe and delicious.

Mocktails are also popular with people who are following a keto diet. Alcohol can contain lots of carbs which is something a keto diet does not allow. Mocktails are amazing low carb drinks and give keto followers lots of tasty options. We have lots of keto recipe on our site that are sure to be big hits!

The last reason why mocktails are so popular is because they are just fancy. Anyone who is trying to abstain from alcohol can still enjoy a decadent, well crafted drink. Just because you do not want alcohol doesn’t mean you have to stand out at a party or bar. Fill your cup up with a beautiful mocktail and you will feel like part of the crowd. People may even opt to drink your fancy mocktails instead of alcohol, too. They are hard to resist!

Best Mocktail Recipes

If you are ready to start sipping on some delicious mocktails, we have plenty of mocktail recipes on our site mocktail.net for you to try. From a strawberry mojito to a refreshing cucumber gimlet, keto recipes to classic cocktail recipes, you can find something here for every occasion. Which virgin cocktails recipe will you try first?! We are constantly adding new mocktail recipes to our site to the possibilities really are endless!

You don’t need alcohol to make great cocktails. In fact, leaving alcohol out of the equation may be the best idea yet. Give our mixed drink recipes a try and you are sure to fall in love with mocktails with just one sip. Enjoy!