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About us

We all love tasty drinks. However, we decided to take our love for yummy beverages even further and create a whole web portal featuring incredible, non-alcoholic drink recipes. Our mission is to inspire you with the best, most creative recipes out there. We know that our amazing drinks will make you completely forget about alcohol and enjoy healthier, high quality beverages.

We have tried and tested hundreds of recipes for mocktails, smoothies, refreshers and even hot drinks like cocoas and coffees. We taste each recipe and make little changes until it is perfection in a glass. When you choose to make one of our drink recipes, you can rest assured that the end result will be delicious and irresistible.

All of our drinks are non alcoholic! We strongly believe that you do not need alcohol to make a delicious drink. In fact, alcohol can often overpower the flavors in a good beverage. So forget about the alcohol, you don’t need it to make something tasty and refreshing.

We already have tons of non alcoholic drink recipes for you to try and we are constantly creating new and exciting thirst-quenchers. We are committed to bringing you drinks that you will love written in easy to follow recipes. Now, the tricky part- which drink to try first?! Enjoy!

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