No matter what society says, it is completely fine to not drink alcohol. People choose not to drink for a variety of reasons, whether it be health-related, religious reasons, or personal matters.

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Despite all this, sometimes peer pressure still tries to get the best of someone. Believe it or not, there are many ways to say no to alcohol. Some are point-blank and others are more creative, clever, and humorous.

Instead of having just a few excuses for not drinking up your sleeve, here are 50 to ensure that you’ll never run out! They are even organized into categories for your convenience.

“Always Working” Excuses

  • I’ve got a long day ahead of me tomorrow

Too much alcohol can definitely interfere with a busy workday.

  • I have to wake up really early tomorrow morning

No one likes to feel groggy, especially on a weekday!

  • I’m stressed because of work

There are many other ways to unwind after a stressful day besides drinking.

  • I have a huge meeting and/or presentation tomorrow

You wouldn’t want to mess this up.

  • I bet against my colleague to see who could go longer without drinking

A little friendly competition never hurt anybody.

Clever Excuses

  • I turn into a wild animal when I drink

Keep your wild side to a minimum!

  • You don’t want to see me drunk

No one likes to babysit a drunk adult. You’re just doing a friend a favor.

  • I’m just as fun, if not more fun when I’m sober

Nobody knows your body better than you.

  • You won’t be able to handle me

Say this one with a confident laugh!

  • My tastebuds have evolved and they don’t enjoy the taste of alcohol.

You can’t force something to taste good.

  • A hangover is the last thing I need tomorrow morning

Amen! Who actually enjoys being hungover? Nobody!

  • I’d like to actually remember tonight

You can still make memories while sober!

  • My liver hates me because of how much I drank last weekend

Show your largest internal organ some love by giving it a break.

Health-Related Excuses

  • I’m still recovering from the cold I just had

Or whichever sickness it may be.

  • I’m still finishing up my antibiotics I had to take

Be kind to your immune system!

  • I recently started taking a new medication and don’t know how my body will react

It’s best not to risk it!

  • I have a bad headache

Alcohol will only make this worse.

  • I have an upset stomach

Again, alcohol will only make this worse.

  • I’m trying to lose a bit of weight

Giving alcohol a break might help you lose those few extra pounds.

  • I have to fast before my doctor appointment tomorrow

I’m just following the doctor’s orders!

  • I’m trying to cut liquid calories

A lot of people underestimate how high some alcoholic drinks can be in calories, carbs, and sugar.

  • My trainer recommends I quit drinking to reach my fitness goals quicker

Your trainer is right, too.

  • I’m trying to fit into a dress/suit for a wedding I’m going to

Of course, you want to look and feel your best.

  • My doctor recommended I take a break from drinking

Too much alcohol definitely can lead to some health problems.

  • My body doesn’t feel great, I need to give it a break

We all need to take a break every once in a while!

  • My skin has been experiencing some bad breakouts

Alcohol can potentially be causing this.

  • My body doesn’t react to alcohol well

Some people are more tolerant than others.

  • I’ve been having trouble sleeping

It has been proven that alcohol can affect your sleep cycle.

  • My partner and I are trying to conceive

Just trying to help protect a potential embryo!

  • I’m pregnant

Need I say more?

All-Time Best Excuses

  • I’m the designated driver tonight

Don’t mess with a responsible adult!

  • I have to pick my kids up from somewhere

Bonus points if you don’t actually have kids. Just make sure the people you’re with don’t know that!

  • It was too expensive to get an Uber

Did you know this country is amid a labor shortage?

  • I’m trying to save money

Drinking is not a cheap habit unless you want to drink the crappy stuff!

  • I don’t like (insert whichever drinks are being served)

We all have our preferences.

  • I don’t react well to (insert alcoholic beverage)

Good for you for knowing your limits.

  • My New Year’s Resolution is to not drink

Cheers to new beginnings.

  • I’m participating in Dry January

And it might last throughout the other 11 months, too.

  • I’m not drinking due to religious reasons

Completely fine!

  • I’m still recovering from last night

The struggle is real.

  • I haven’t had enough to eat yet

It’s never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach!

  • I’m not thirsty

Unlike some of you people!

  • I’m good, thank you

Short, sweet, and to the point.

  • I don’t want to be hungover in the morning

Not today, Satan!

  • I’m not going to be out late anyway

My bed is calling my name.

  • I’m feeling really tired

This is a classic excuse for any situation.

  • I’m trying to challenge myself to see how long I can go without drinking

Putting willpower to the test.

  • I don’t need to drink to have fun

If you need to have alcohol to have fun, then you might be a boring person.

  • My mocktail I’m drinking tastes delicious

More power to you, my friend.

  • I just don’t drink

And that should be respected!

Choosing to drink or not drink alcohol is a personal decision and should always be respected whether you come up with an excuse or not. Let’s raise a glass (or mocktail) to making our own decisions!

best ways to say no to alcohol
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50 ways to say no to Alcohol
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