Banana Almond Milk Recipe
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Banana Almond Milk


Pour it over cereal or just enjoy it in a glass- banana almond milk is delicious no matter what!

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We love a nice cold glass of almond milk. However, it can get boring after a while. Sure, almond milk has a nice, subtle nutty flavor, but sometimes you just want something a little bit tastier. That is why we created a banana almond milk that is perfect for drinking plain or pouring over cereal. Banana almond milk is also a great way to use up those quickly ripening bananas on your counter!

“almond milk has a nice, subtle nutty flavor”

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In fact, choosing a good, ripe banana is key to this recipe. The more ripe the banana, the sweeter the almond milk will be. If your bananas are not too rip and you still want to make this delicious recipe, add a tablespoon of honey to sweeten the mix. Next time you have a ripe banana on hand, peel and freeze it for later. This will ensure you have the ingredients you need to make banana almond milk next time!

When choosing an almond milk, be sure to pick one that is unsweetened. Almond milks that are sweetened have lots and lots of extra sugars. You don’t need that! The banana will add all the sweetness you need in a natural way.

If you plan on making this tasty recipe often, consider buying in bulk and maybe picking up a big container of Costco almond milk to have on hand. You can also opt for almond milk powder which is a quick, shelf stable way to stock your almond milk. If you make a massive batch of banana almond milk, you may be wondering “can you freeze almond milk?”, Yes! You can! Pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze. Pop out a cube of two anytime you want a refreshing glass of milk or put it straight into a blender for a banana almond milk smoothie. So many possibilities for this incredible, easy banana almond milk recipe! Enjoy.

Banana Almond Milk

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Prep time




  • 1 ripe banana

  • 2 cups cold almond milk

  • ½ tsp vanilla extract

  • 1 pinch sea salt

  • 1 Tbsp ground flaxseeds


  • Place all of the ingredients into a blender and puree on high speed. Blend for about a minute to really get the banana smooth.
  • Chill and then enjoy the banana almond milk is a glass or over cereal. You can also add the banana almond milk to any recipe requiring milk. It will add a lovely, sweet taste!

Tips and Tricks

  • • Make your own almond milk by soaking ¼ cup of almonds in two cups of water overnight. Puree the almonds and water the next day, strain through a fine mesh nut bag and then use the liquid almond milk for this recipe.
    • Blend the banana almond milk with some ice to make a quick and easy smoothie.
  • Tools:
    • High speed blender
    • Measuring cup
    • Teaspoon
    • tablespoon

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Banana Almond Milk Recipe
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